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CISM: 25 years of revelations

CISM: 25 years of revelations

Les Trois Accords, the Cowboys Fringants and many Quebec talents perhaps would not have had the same career if CISM did not broadcast their music. More than a student radio, the station celebrates its 25th anniversary tomorrow with a series of shows.

Tomorrow night, the We Are Wolves band will perform at Divan Orange "They play for 15 years on the air, it is the best of the resort, says Jarrett Mann, general manager of the student radio station of the University of Montreal. Their song "Magic" is the one who most played here since it recognizes that. "

The festival continues Friday in company training Loud Lary Ajust, the Brown family project and the duo Rednext Level, at the SAT. "It will be a big night hip hop, we wanted to highlight some diversity of styles, and April 2, it will be more rock, with Galaxie, The Hostess Hilaire, I.D.A.L.G at Club Soda," says the director.

Benoît Poirier, music director, explains that the choice of groups broadcast on CISM 89.3 FM waves is mainly based on boldness, "It must detonate in relation to what is done elsewhere. The term I like to put it, is "adventure". " A musical Committee regularly evaluates submissions albums.

Because the mandate of the University Radio, which exists since 1985, but was officially born on FM 14 March 1991, is to "act as a springboard for young talent and uncover new and unknown Quebec talents of the mainstream media "says Jarrett Mann. "It is also to deal with cultural topics least covered by the mass media, we want to complement what they do and I think it does well."

The rock group Les Trois Accords became known primarily for CISM, he notes: "They are the first to say so." Karkwa, Yann Perreau, Malajube, Philippe B, Koriass Keith Kouna, Xavier caffeine or Safia Nolin more recently, are a small part of the list of artists revealed or simply followed closely by the station in the last quarter century.

Jarrett Mann says that besides the musical revelations, CISM also welcomed to their current debut journalists, columnists or leaders, including Patrice Roy, Véronique Cloutier, Sébastien Benoît, Fred or MC Savard Gilles. Currently, 125 animators and volunteer facilitators - half of whom are students - succeed in radio, which has nine employees.

"Unfortunately when we say" college radio "it has a slightly pejorative side, we can expect that it is a bit amateur, but very professional, between the equipment and coaching, says Jarrett Mann . It is sure that some are starting here, there may be little voice sometimes trembling, but once embarked experience was very good facilitators. "

Whoever worked for four years as station manager will leave office within a month without much concern for the future of it. "It's interesting to see that people take turns 25 years for radio to remain relevant in the vanguard, daring. Our credibility is acquired face some radios that pass the same 40 songs or nostalgic radios: I think CISM is an institution in Montreal that is here to stay, "Last January, radio exceeded the threshold of 1 million. plays emissions online.

From 21h

March 31: We Are Wolves at Divan Orange, $ 10

April 1: Loud Lary Ajust, Brown, Rednext Level at the Society for Arts and Technology, $ 15 students, $ 20 regular

April 2: Galaxy, The Hostess Hilaire, I.D.A.L.G at Club Soda, $ 15 students, $ 20 regular

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The letters come from CISM Communication Information On Mountain

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