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The police threatened mostly by individuals in crisis

The police threatened mostly by individuals in crisis

Police officers are increasingly confronted with persons in crisis threatening, according to a study unveiled Wednesday by the National Police Academy and on police intervention that led to independent investigations.

Their training at the police academy has been modified to better prepare for this eventuality.

"The more equips our police more likely they are to intervene and defuse the crisis," said the researcher Annie Gendron.

Shooting police

Annie Gendron researcher analyzed 143 independent investigation files relating to police actions which occurred during a serious event, as when there was police firing.

According to research, 80% of police officers involved in this type of intervention were patrol. In 41% of assaults, subjects were armed with a knife. During shooting, less than half of the officers reached the target, located at an average distance of four meters.

"Almost half the time the policeman will miss its target. It may seem surprising, but it is understood that the subject moves, the policeman moves and the officer is stressed, "said Bruno Poulin, consultant use of force at the National Police Academy.

The use of electrical energy weapon (Taser gun) could have made a difference in some cases.

"In certain circumstances, the electrical pulse weapon could prevent death and reduce injuries among people involved," said Bruno Poulin.

The Surete du Quebec was to initiate a pilot project on the use of the taser in Shawinigan this fall, but the project was delayed. In Quebec, there are 160 Tasers in circulation for 14 000 police officers.

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