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Abdeslam now wants to "work with the authorities"

Abdeslam now wants to "work with the authorities"

Abdeslam Salah, only surviving commandos who carried out the attacks of 13 November in Paris, arrested on 18 March in Brussels, would be handed over to France and "collaborating with the French authorities", said Thursday one of his lawyers.

Cedric me Moisse was speaking to reporters at the exit of a hearing before the chamber of the Brussels appeal court council for the review of the European arrest warrant issued against Abdeslam by France after the attacks that had 130 people in November.

The French 26 years had not been taken from his Bruges prison (northwest) on Thursday morning for the hearing and it was postponed to allow time for the prosecutor to go hear him in prison, said Moisse me, my collaborator Sven Mary.

"I confirm also that Salah Abdeslam wishes to be handed over to French authorities," the lawyer added. "It therefore agrees to the implementation of its European arrest warrant and I can also confirm that he wishes to cooperate with the French authorities."

The federal Belgian parquet "not opposed" to the delivery of Abdeslam in France, on the other hand told AFP a spokesman for prosecutors, Eric Van der Sypt.

The decision of the council chamber, instruction court that sits in camera, must be returned no later than Friday, at the expiration of 15 days after the arrest of Abdeslam.

He had heard the day after his arrest by the Belgian investigators, first pretending to cooperate before wall in silence. Heard again on March 22 just after the Brussels bombings (32 dead), he had also refused to any statement.

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