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Every second worker of Quebec said that he did not pay extra

Every second worker of Quebec said that he did not pay extra

While a lot about the minimum wage to $ 15, a CROP survey revealed that almost half of Quebec workers believe they are not paid enough to work.

The survey on the perception of earnings released on Thursday, respondents seem to overestimate the income from their immediate supervisor. Thus, workers in the Belle Province believe their boss earns 2.4 times their salary, while the average is more by 1.25 times. Of course, accurate do you, the higher up the hierarchy, the gap tends to widen.

"In contrast, when it comes time to estimate CEO compensation, workers tend to underestimate," said Manon Poirier, Director General of the Order of Certified Human Resources Advisors, which commissioned the survey.

The straw poll also shows that it is inconsiderate that Quebecers are discussing their wages with their spouse in a proportion of 83%, as well as other family members (75%). People are talking less with their friends (62%) and colleagues (54%).

Women are more reluctant to talk about earnings than men, while 18-34 are more talkative than older generations.

Another conclusion emerging from the survey, respondents mostly mentioned that the salary can attract them to a job. However, the stimulating effect does not necessarily endures through time.

"According to several studies, a bonus will carry a certain degree of motivation, but only in the short term. It can also produce the opposite effect if expectations are created, but nothing is granted, "Poirier said.

This survey was conducted online by the CROP polling firm from February 11 to 15. Some 546 questionnaires were completed by as many Quebec workers.

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