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STM users want to extend the pilot project

STM users want to extend the pilot project

Less than two weeks after the start of the pilot project for boarding by the rear doors of the bus line 121, users would have the initiative extends to the entire STM network.

Since March 21, the users of the line 121 Sauvé-Côte-Vertu can enter and exit through every door of the bus during the week from 5 am to 19 pm 30, provided you have a valid monthly pass or weekly.

STM trying to see if this practice accelerates passenger boarding on one of the busiest lines of the network.

The vast majority of users interviewed by "24" on line 121 found that the pilot project allows them to make it a little quicker.

Oscar Castro uses the line 121 every day. He believes that users of public transit shorter wait times to get into the bus, which would allow them, in winter, to freeze as long.

"It would be nice if there were three lines designated the stops to allow people to enter through the doors more orderly," he suggested.

For its part, Rachel Atella believes that inspectors scan the tickets to check their validity does not necessarily save time.

The latter, however, believes that people respect the system based on honesty, for fear of falling on an inspector and have a fine.

"Since there are people who control, I think it will force people to obey the rules," said another passenger, Phygellus Obas.

No more warnings

Wednesday marked the end of the education period of inspectors of the STM. These have begun to distribute fines to passengers who do not have valid titles. The number of offense has not been recorded, however.

According to the STM, no more inspectors assigned to the line 121, but they will make more frequent checks in the pilot project.

"We need the STM strict, because it will lose revenue," said Antonios Patrikios, a passenger.

Extend the concept

A section of the STM website allows users to line 121 to write comments on the pilot project. On Wednesday, the STM accounted six complaints and comments.

However, those interviewed felt that the project is quite interesting and wanted the boarding by the rear doors applies to other lines of the bus network.

This system applies in several other major cities worldwide. In Canada, you can borrow the door of his choice in Ottawa and Vancouver buses.

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