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6.0 magnitude earthquake off Japan

6.0 magnitude earthquake off Japan

An earthquake of magnitude 6.0 occurred on Friday morning off the southwest coast of Japan, according to the Institute of US Geological Survey USGS, but there is no risk of a tsunami, said the Japanese meteorological Agency.

The quake occurred at 11:39 local (2:39 GMT) with epicenter at sea some 350 km from the main island of Honshu, at a depth of 10 km underground, said the Japanese agency whose share estimated the magnitude at 6.1.

A large part of the west of the archipelago was shaken, especially the prefectures of Wakayama, Gifu, Shizuoka and Aichi, but no injuries were reported immediately.

"It may be that the sea level varies a bit, but there is no danger of tidal waves," the agency said.

The television channel NHK, which has a network of cameras fires immediately in case of earthquake, showed images of strong vibrations in Wakayama.

Trains were temporarily stopped to check the tracks.

Japan, located at the junction of four tectonic plates, experiences each year more than 20% of the strongest quakes recorded on Earth.

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