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Category: Culture

The public vote was not always decisive in the quarterfinals of "The Voice" on Sunday night get the

There was no close fight, as left yet foresee the announcement of the nominations at the Gala du

The 12 candidates of the first quarter-final of "The Voice" opened the show with Karim Ouellet, who

The festival of Irish is a delight for tenants of pubs that carry in one weekend to the equivalent

Celine Dion's sister, Claudette, found a touching way to commemorate the 89th anniversary of their

An interpretation center dedicated to the painting "Ecce Homo", became world famous after his

Put a second skin wearing only underwear is the challenge won by Peter Nala, an artist from

Five young people have set a world record by watching television during 92 hours on, have announced

Select seven men and women and follow them in a well-known US prison for trafficking and violence,

The Misteur Valaire group will make a surprise visit on the set of the first issue of direct "The