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Category: Culture

The small Romanian town of Bogota welcomed Saturday incongruous revival of tourist interest for its

For four seasons, the Quebec version of "The Voice" is the most listened to broadcast in Quebec,

While direct the fourth season of "The Voice" starting this Sunday, the show is this year again at

From the opening scenes, we know that "vanity" by Lionel Baier will not be a simple film about

Christian Bale goes in search of itself in this superb film of Terrence Malick.

It's Christmas Eve, but Ramadan in Montreal, buried in snow.

In "Vanity", the Swiss writer and director Lionel Baier portrays a character who has cancer, uses

The duo formed by Shailene Woodley and Theo James, Tris and Four in "Divergence The series' returns

Sixteen Quebec films will be presented Sunday in a dozen countries around the world on the occasion

For the first issue of its seventh season, the team of "Tested on humans" decided to check the