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Category: International

Thousands of Islamist protesters camped outside the presidency in Islamabad for several days

The aging of the world population increasing at an unprecedented rate, the over 65 should represent

Before hearing his own sobs, Paula Andrews heard those of a newborn from inside a waste container.

Pope Francis spoke Sunday "the spiritual and moral abyss" that "causes hatred and death" through

A Boeing 737 of the low-cost airline Norwegian, from Edinburgh (Scotland) to Stockholm, had to make

The Syrian army supported by Russian ally inflicted a crushing defeat on Sunday the Islamic State

The crowd should continue to flock Sunday in a square in Brussels turned into memorial despite the

North Korea issued on Saturday a new propaganda video showing a nuclear attack on Washington and

The Brussels-Zaventem airport, hit by a double suicide bombing murderer, will remain closed at

The president of the United States, Barack Obama, said Saturday that "stigmatize" Muslims did play