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Category: Politics

Green was honored on Saturday afternoon in the streets of Quebec, where thousands of people - young

The PQ leader, Pierre Karl Péladeau, said he was "shocked" to learn that young activists PQ

The former Conservative Prime Minister Joe Clark was recognized for its contribution in

The sovereignty movement has to think "deeply" strategy toward Quebec independence while being

The International Relations Minister Christine St-Pierre took off Friday for Asia, in order to

The popularity of Justin Trudeau Liberals continue to hurt the NDP, whose voting intentions

Canada expands sanctions against Russia, thus aligning itself with those established by the United

The latest chemotherapy treatments undertaken by Rob Ford to fight his cancer have not had the

The government Couillard returned to Friday burden to ask Ottawa to give the provinces a greater

By sharing the podium with former MP Stéphane Bédard that the PQ leader Pierre Karl Péladeau bear